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Hot Tub Gazebos

Gazebos have fast become one of the most distinctive and popular timber products that we offer. What better way to emulate those lazy, sunny Meditteranean days than with your own how tub gazebo to relax under. Made from solid, sustainable Irish timber and treated with a heavy-duty tanalised finish for optimum performance against the elements, our wooden gazebos can be made to any shape, size and design that you require. Whether that’s a standard size or something grander and altogether more elaborate, our team of local craftsmen will construct your gazebo to your exact specifications. Need help installing it? We can do that too. A hot tub gazebo is supposed to be a place to relax so why not start the right way and let us do all the hard work installing it for you?! For an additional cost we can supervise and manage the project from beginning to end; from design to construction, from delivery to installation and everything in between.

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Wooden Pergolas

Here at Leigh Fencing pride ourselves on our quality and craftsmanship and that goes for all of our products. We use the best quality raw materials, have over 20 years of experience and pride ourselves on making a finished product that will set your garden off for years to come. One of the best ways of making the most of those long sunny days is by including a pergola. We are experts at making and installing pergolas to various different customer requirements and have made a variety and sizes and styles for clients in Leigh and the surrounding areas such as Atherton and Wigan.
A wooden pergola makes for a real eye-catching feature in your garden. The addition of plants, creeping vines and fairy lights can make it look even more spectacular, and will bring years of joy to your garden as a place to entertain, relax and just enjoy the space. Needing very little in the way of maintenance, our pergolas are built to last. Over 20 years of knowledge and craftsmanship goes into every pergola that we design and construct. Why not take advantage of our free quote to see how much it would be to add a pergola to your garden and give it a new lease of life? You’re under no obligation to go ahead once you have the quote, but once you’ve seen what our experts can do and how little it costs, we’re confident that you’ll want a pergola as soon as possible.

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Log and Bin Storage

Our log and bin storage services mean that you can do your bit for the environment without it dominating your garden. We all have at least three bins now for different recycling, which is great for the environment, but if only they weren’t such an eyesore to look at! What if you could hide them away behind a natural material that is far more aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the rest of the garden? With Leigh Fencing’s bespoke bin storage services, you can.

The same can be said for log storage. Yes, it may be a natural material but it’s not the tidiest of materials either. Each and every log is unique, which means they don’t tend to stack very neatly, and then there’s the bits of twig, bark, moss, and leaves that they drop and accumulate. You’ll be sweeping up constantly to try and keep your garden looking tidy. A log storage unit from Leigh Fencing could change all that, and it keeps the logs dry too, making them useful for longer.

Like our fences, gates and sheds and garden bars our log and bin storage screens and housings are only made from homegrown, sustainable Irish timber that has been pressure treated to make it as resistant to the elements and insect attacks as possible. You choose the design and the finish and our expert local craftsmen will do the rest. We offer standard sizes or one-off bespoke heavy-duty units as well. Whichever option you decide on, you’ll be stunned at the quality and how much of a visual difference it makes to your garden. We’re based in Leigh but can design, deliver and install anywhere in the North West, so take advantage of our FREE QUOTE service now.

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Other Timber Products

At Leigh Fencing, we pride ourselves on not being limited to offering only one type of timber service. We make, supply and install fences, of course, but that’s only the beginning. Timber is such a versatile material that there an infinite number of possibilities for what you can use it for in your garden. Everything that we produce is made of the finest quality Irish timber, which comes from a sustainable source and has been pre-treated with a robust tanalised coating to make it weather and insect resistant. From this amazing material we also produce gates, sheds, pergolas and decking in all shapes and sizes. Every garden, yard and patio is different, so we understand that our clients’ needs will be totally unique, which is why we cater for every size; from standard length planks to bespoke designs. We have the knowledge, skill and craftsmanship to design and install a stunning addition to your home that will help you to enjoy your outdoor space for years to come.

We can also cater for your fur babies and feathered friends, too! We have constructed dog kennels and aviaries for many customers across Leigh and the surrounding areas, and they are made with the same loving attention to craft, detail and materials as our bigger projects. 

A popular product for the summer is our range of wooden garden bars. We can supply and deliver the timber to any address in the North West, and if you need a helping hand with the construction then we can do that too for a small extra charge. If you are still undecided, why not take us up on our offer of a free, no-obligation quote? Once you see what we can do, we guarantee that you’ll want Leigh Fencing timber products in your garden!

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